Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Banana Nutella Heaven

Hi, my name is Nikita and I am a Chocoholic. There I said it! 
I've tried to reduce, resist and all together avoid my coco consumption. So far reduce has worked. I have managed to cut down my chocolate habit by ALOT.
For emergencies however (read: craving like nothing else matters) I have my easiest, favourite and yummiest recipe, The Banana Nutella Toastie.
This take literally 7 minutes by the clock and tastes like a small piece of heaven.

* 2 slices of brown or multi grain bread
* 1 whole Banana, thinly sliced
* Nutella
* Cinnamon Stick
* Butter

* Put a dollop of butter on a pan on medium-low heat and soak a slice of bread on it
* Cook until lightly brown
* Grate a cinnamon stick all over the bread slice
* Slather both the pieces with nutella
* Arrange your banana slices in which ever pattern catches your fancy
* Put together your sandwich 
* Wipe the saliva off your face
* Bite into goodness

That's it, day 1 of my diet starts tomorrow!!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Coffee and Stuff

Discovering a new cafe is always fun. Luckily for us, there are a whole bunch of interesting coffee shops close to where we stay. 
One such discovery we made was the Dyu Art Cafe. Its a charming little place, set in a bungalow like setting. What I loved the most was the little elements of traditional South Indian culture I saw everywhere. 
We ordered my favourite dessert (read: Banoffee Pie) and it vanished within minutes.
It was an evening well spent and I also managed to get some ideas to incorporate in our house :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy things and Happy Thoughts

I have occasionally had days when everything seems to go wrong one after the other. It makes me feel angry, sad, resentful and a whole lot of negative things. It was one of those days when I forced myself to pull out of self pity and I started doing a post called 'Happy Things and Happy Thoughts'. Those of you who follow my Facebook Page must have seen my occasional pictures I post under this header. Over a period of time I realised how much I love doing this post.
It forces me to look out for small, sometimes insignificant things that make me happy and documenting them has been even better. That is not to say those days still don't happen, but when they do I get back to my Happy posts and remind myself of how grateful I am for the good things in life.
Here's my list of Happythings and Happy thoughts this week.
- Every morning when Karan and I wake up, the first thing we do is open the balcony doors and let the sunlight stream in. Every morning I am greeted by this beautiful sight of green palm trees and my hanging pigs with their tails moving with the wind. We sit outside, have tea and whistle at the dog who lives next door-

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Birthday Date Night

Yesterday was the husbands birthday and we continued our birthday-date-night-tradition by going for a scrumptious Lebanese meal at the Persian Terrace in Sheraton.
One of the things I love about Bangalore is that the weather permits restaurants to have outdoor seating all year around (yay)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


 This past weekend my husband and I decided to go for a quick weekend get away. It was one of the first official road trips we took in South India, something we are hoping we will be able to do often.
The main goal for this vacation was simple, somewhere in middle of the hills which was quite and peaceful.